Legal apect

Basic legal aspects between company and participants stated in the Terms and Conditions. But in this section we want to describe separate legal aspects and explanations related to investing and confirmation the fact of placing funds by client in the company.

Client's funds transfer (deposit) to the company fixed in two directions. The first direction is that system's algorithm (software) traces the placing of the funds in the databases of the company and on its servers, and saving this information for the statistical treatment and financial reporting of the company. You can always find all information about your financial operations in your personal account.

The second direction, company has to provide information about its financial activity the relevant fiscal and supervisory and regulatory authorities. For this reason must have documents that confirming all financial operations on company’s accounts. But we do not provide any personal information of our investors to these authorities.

Therefore, every participant of the project will be awarded by the relevant contract, according to which will be documented and confirmed by the fact that one or the other party is really has invested funds in the project of the company, and according to this particular contract comes relevant legal implications each of the participating parties of the contract.

Thereby company guarantees transparency of business relations between company and each participant of the project (client) with investment (deposit). In addition company guarantees full legal protection of the client and its investments supporting declared commitments by the respective contractual relationship.

Conclusion of agreement

Agreement conclusion accepts the fact of depositing funds by the client in the company, it happens only when deposit was placed and agreement was generated automatically. Automatic agreement generation is oriented to prevent fraud activities of the users with the agreement of the company. After client made deposit our software generates agreement and transfers it to the lawyers department of the company to fulfill it according to the data which user has provided. Our system is fully protected from external interference into algorithms.

Every time when client of our company makes new deposit our system automatically generates new Investing Agreement (Agreement). All agreements related to the same client have the same legal validity and valid until expiry of the deposit which is described in the agreement. Thus, each deposit made by the client company applies to the unique agreement.

Agreement sample

How it works

Our system use provided, while registration and copies of the documents, by the client data to generate the agreement. According to this information, please enter correct data while registration and please send us correct personal documents. If you provide incorrect data agreement will be not considered as legally enforceable.

After you made an investment, click to the button “Download agreement”. You will receive a legally decorated confirmation of the fulfilment of your investment in our company in the form of "Investing Agreement", with all necessary data and details for confirmation, if necessary, of this fact.

The use and disposal of data obtained by you from our company in the form of “Investing Agreement” fully regulated by “Privacy policy” and “Terms and Conditions” of our Company, therefore remind you to not provide obtained data to the third parties to prevent use of this data against you.

***Agreement is considered as legally enforceable only after the user provide his personal data to our support service via e-mail ( [email protected]) Client has to provide scan or photo of his ID card or passport and utility bill with address (3 month old maximum). The letter has to have subject: “Verification of the account”. Also to make agreement fully legally enforceable client is obliged to inscribe the required data in the empty places in the contract in the section Client and put his signature under it. If all conditions complied agreement may be considered as legally enforceable.