Company rules

Terms and Conditions

These "Terms and Conditions" (hereinafter the Rules) regulate the procedure of co-operation and investment activities between energy company Edelweiss 5 (hereinafter - the Company and the words in this context the case fall under the concept The "Company") and the users of the website of the Company and the Company is a participant of the project ( further - Customer and words in this context the case fall under the concept of "Client"). These rules are subject to full acknowledgment of the Customer when registering on the Site Company. The rules also contain an exhaustive list of the obligations assumed by the Company under this Contract and duties Client subject to strict execution on his part. The client and the Company (hereinafter the Party and the words in this context case fall under the term "Parties") have agreed to support the full acceptance of these rules in the context of their live pronunciation and the form set out below.

1. General Provisions

1.1. Edelweiss 5 Company’s Participant may be any individual, including a person who is not a resident The European Union, which at the time of registration on the website of the Company has reached the age of majority and which is fully delictual in accordance with the law of his country of residence, and provided that the activities proposed under these Rules, no contrary to the laws of his country of residence.

1.2. Passage of the registration process on the Company's website, as well as further cooperation, including investment and holding Action is the only decision taken by the Client voluntarily, without any external influence, coercion or threats.

1.3. The procedure of registration is the final legal fact confirming that the client fully accepts all the terms and conditions in this Regulation wholly and in full ( "as is") and voluntarily agrees to perform their duties without exception, It provided not only by these Rules, and any other sections of the Site of the Company (if applicable), and also receives certain rights that are uniquely shaped presents relevant paragraphs of these Rules.

1.4. All text, audio and video materials contained (or have been, or will contain) on the Site, as well as website design, in whole or fragments (with possible changes and / or additions including) any other contained in the Site, the information and data blocks are intelligent objects that have properties and goods fall under the protection of international law on copyright and they are the exclusive intellectual property of the Company. The use of any video, a company logo, text materials, articles for purposes not covered by the spirit and / or content for the content of these Rules may be used only after a written agreement with juridical department of the company.

1.5. Client accepts and agrees that all information, including articles, videos, opinions (including external experts) published (or that can be published) on the website, it is necessary and sufficient to consider only as a content recommendation . Responsibility for the consequences of the use thereof in practice content rests solely with the Client.

1.6. All disputes and other contentious issues that may arise from the Parties in the course of business interaction, solved exclusively through negotiations before the final result suiting the Parties.

2. Rights, obligations and responsibility of the Client

2.1. With the passage of the registration procedure in the company clients must complete the registration form in the appropriate section of the Site; The client is obliged to indicate the only correct, current, and false information, which is necessary for the correct passage registration procedure.

2.2. The client has the right to set up on the Site is only one unique account. The uniqueness of the account is determined by a combination of user name, E-mail and ip-addresses and other identifiers, which are used to identify by the site system. To prevent fraud access to unique account of third parties, the Customer agrees to use the complex (containing numbers, letters and symbols) when you create a password on Log in to your account.

2.3. The client carries out investment activities (making a deposit or deposits) only voluntarily, without coercion and personal initiative; The customer is solely responsible for all possible consequences of these actions.

2.4. The customer has the right to invite new members to the project, bringing them to cooperate with the Company by providing it Company promotional material, through its unique referral link and using the other, but always and only legitimate ways. For example, using Internet tools messenger, as well as using legal methods of advertising and placing information about the company on the project resources, which include thematic forums, groups, social networks. Also, the Client has the right to use any other methods and actions that aim to promotion and advancement of the project and which do not fall under the prohibition of existing at the moment of international law regulating such activities on the Internet.

2.5 The client has the right to sign the "Investing Agreement" for each of its deposit basis.

2.6. Customer acknowledges and agrees that the fact of committing an investment (investment funds investments) in the project, he confirms fact of the "Investing Agreement " with all the legal consequences of this action.

2.7. Customer agrees that the obligation to provide public and / or publicly not only accurate information about the company and has no right to make any public (in written and / or oral) statements and / or actions discrediting business reputation of the Company; Client agrees that any such actions committed by him with the media, blogs, social networks and other means of mass communication are not permitted under any circumstances.

2.8. The client undertakes to use the contact and address of the Company solely for its intended purpose and in order to improve mutual cooperation, and the Customer agrees and acknowledges that under no circumstances will not use the contacts and the address of the Company in for distribution of private and other advertisements, the purpose of sending spam, and information about other projects and companies, as well as trying to correspond with Company employees to address issues unrelated to these Rules and / or to the investment activities of the Client.

2.9. The Client undertakes to provide for storage of their personal data and authorization data (username and password) in complete safety and used to protect the data, as well as to protect your personal computer, using a client which carries out investment activities, antivirus software and firewalls, and the official license of origin.

2.10. The Customer undertakes to report incidents and / or attempts of unauthorized access to his account of third parties to the Company's customer support.

2.11. Client agrees and acknowledges that the violation of the one or more points of these Rules, the Company has the right to unilaterally apply the appropriate penalties provided for each possible case.

3. Rights, obligations and responsibilities of the Company

3.1. The Company provides the Client anytime access to information and system resources through the use of the Site by the Client personal account in the project system after confirmation of Client terms and conditions.

3.2. The Company shall ensure the confidentiality of personal data provided by the Client, as well as information of financial transactions, data is stored in the databases of the Company, including in a personal account of the Client. Under no circumstances does not pass provided by the Client or introduced in the course of interaction with the client data to third parties. The Company is not responsible for the safety of the data provided in the event that the Client intentionally or not intentionally, is not provided or could not provide the required level of the protection of their personal data, account or when the customer voluntarily handed over any information that bears the character of a closed and confidential, to third parties.

3.3 Company provides the Client the right to conclude the "Investing Agreement" and undertakes to comply strictly with all the items of this Agreement.

3.4. The company provides guaranteed timely accrual of income to the Client according to investment proposal, available on this particular point in time.

3.5. The company has the right to carry out activities aimed at increasing the level of client awareness of events and activities, the ongoing project of the Company, by sending an e-mail notification of relevant content Client requests for further information, company news, announcements, and other, similar in form and content activities.

3.6. The Company reserves the right to unilaterally and at its sole discretion to alter, amend or supplement this Regulation. Such changes in the content of these Rules, as well as the proposed date of entry into force of these changes, the Company undertakes to inform the Client by posting relevant information on the company's official website or by notification, The company sent an e-mail that the Customer has indicated during registration procedures. The timely introduction of changes introduced by the Company in these Rules is the responsibility of the Client. The onset of the adverse consequences because no reference or untimely reference to the changes will come in these Rules are not the responsibility of the Company and this responsibility fully vested on the Client.

3.7. The company has the right to block and / or remove the Client Account and to block the Client's investment funds in cases when Client:

  • intentionally or unintentionally violates these rules;
  • negatively and, thus, wrongly, in public, with the use of any media, expressed about the company or its employees, as well as to the other members of the Company;
  • carries newsletter using SPAM;
  • create more than one account in the draft of the Company;
  • ignores the conditions of the “Investing Agreement”;
  • deliberately creates conditions under which the possible onset of disruption of work of the Official site;
  • using malware and / or virus programs, the effect of which is directed to the deterioration of the Site of the Company;
  • using malware and / or virus programs, the effect of which is aimed at taking possession of the personal data of other clients and / or the data stored in the databases of the Website of the Company;
  • using the Company’s investment program for money laundering;
  • uses when investment process funds obtained by illegal means and / or a breach of public agreements;
  • shows intolerance on ethnic and / or religious grounds to the other clients;
  • committed and / or commit any, subject to the criminal offense.
  • unverified users may limit access to their cabinets and to payments accordingly.
  • the Company may disable accruals of unverified users for the period of verification.

4. Investment

4.1. Profit is calculated according to the existing at the particular point in the investment proposals and in accordance with the the terms of " Investing Agreement"

4.2. Profit attributable to the Client from the nested their investment amount is charged to the Client on the balance of his personal account.

4.3. Withdrawal by the Client to create a query is performed in the manual mode, subject to compliance with the nominal value of the requested the amount of the available balance of the Customer's account.

4.4. Creating a request for withdrawal of funds is made by the Customer, without the participation of the Company and through electronic payment system, which correspond to the currency of the deposit made by the Client.

4.5. Customer acknowledges, confirms and agrees that he will not submit claims to the Company in case of violation of procedural deadlines requested a cash payment occurred due to force majeure, technical problems on the websites of electronic payment systems, taking advantage of that were to be carried out directly withhold payment or otherwise, does not depend on companies reasons. The Company's policy allows to change the type of payments realization from daily to weekly or monthly. Customer acknowledges and agrees that these factors are force majeure, as well as the failure of the project and the system Companies are factors that are not and can not enter into a circle of competence and responsibility of the Company;

4.6. Client fully accepts and agrees with paragraph 3.7. these Rules, and also confirms that the responsibility for any negative consequences that may entail violation of this paragraph is entirely the responsibility of the Client.

5. Guarantees and limitation of liability

5.1. The company operates in strict accordance with the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany, as well as in the part of the international investment cooperation - in accordance with international law.

5.2. The company provides a guaranteed income to the Client using the sources of profitability, maintenance of activity Companies in the production of equipment and technologies for plants using renewable energy sources.

5.3. The Company undertakes to provide correct and uninterrupted operation of the site under these Rules.

5.4. In cases where failure of the Site of the Company was not caused by the Company and is not due to unprofessional actions of employees Company is not responsible for the consequences, however, guarantees the maximum possible (technically and physically) a short time complete recovery of health of the Site and all of its systems.

5.5. The Company reserves the right to go on vacation twice a year, but no more than 30 working days.

6. Period of validity, amendment and termination of contract

6.1. Agreement on mutual business cooperation is concluded with the adoption by the Customer in accordance with paragraphs 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 these Rules and it is valid for the lifetime of the Company's project.

6.2. The Company reserves the right to unilaterally amend these Rules, without prior Client notification of the plans and the reasons for companies to implement such changes. Customer accepts and agrees that it is obliged to monitor all the possible changes and additions that can make a company in the Regulation text or text and / or the content of any section of the website. The company provides information on all changes or amendments and additions to the "News" section of the website.

6.3. If you make any changes and / or additions, the Client continues to use the site of the Company and / or to make investment action, it is a confirmation of the fact that the client is aware of such changes and / or additions, as well as the fact that the Customer fully understand the consequences of their further actions.

6.4. In case of violation by Customer terms of these Rules, the Company reserves the right to block the Customer's account without prior warning and subsequent negotiation and consultation procedures.

7. Denial of responsibility

7.1 All materials and information on this website should be considered, and taken to be realized in "as is" format, without any express or implied (possible) guarantees, such as for example, but not limited to, as the implied warranties of fitness for a particular purpose, commercial appeal, or do not comply with any of the obligations, as well as possible promises of guarantees.

7.2 Content of the site can not be regarded as a any legal, insurance, tax, or investment advice, appeals and / or suggestions. Any information contained on this website should not be regarded as a recommendation or imaginary as our direct advice or as a recommendation or advice of third parties. Edelweiss 5 under no circumstances be liable for any damage, loss or drawdown of the client, resulting from the use of any information contained on our website.

7.3 Nothing can confirm and / or guarantee the complete success and / or positive results in the future, based on the positive the results of past and / or current time.

7.4 The company Edelweiss 5 does not state that the data presented in the form of content are crucial, full, absolutely right and / or fully and unconditionally confirmed by us. Before you perform any financial transactions, please read the contents of this section of this Regulation.

8. The ratio of the " Investing Agreement" with these Rules

8.1 " Investing Agreement" is not a legal document completely independent and can be used for its intended purpose only case of full adoption and signing of these Regulations by the Client during registration.

8.2 All legal relationships which arise between the Company and the Client as the result of " Investing Agreement" shall be regulated exclusively by these Rules and laws of the Federal Republic of Germany and may not be considered and / or challenged by other jurisdiction of any other State.

8.3 The company guarantees complete confidentiality of the subject of "investing Agreement" signed with the Customer under these Rules, Privacy Policy and legislation of the Federal Republic of Germany.

9. Final provisions

9.1. These rules are available for free access for all visitors and clients of the project on the official website in see the "Company rules" and "Registration".

9.2. The Parties recognize that the Regulation is an agreement on cooperation, which is the fact of registration signed by the Client as well as if he had written on paper, it is a bilateral legal force, that is, the power of the original, and not may be challenged by third parties.

9.3. The Parties recognize and confirm that any cooperation between the Parties has the character of a private transaction, the details and the terms of which may not be disclosed to third parties.

9.4. The Parties recognize and confirm that the use of client-side SPAM leads to the termination of this Agreement without the possibility recovery - Status Quo.

9.5. All content on the Site of the Company in full, including the " Investing Agreement", if necessary, in whole or in part (in the case of observance of the reached new agreements, for example), automatically correlated with these Rules and is subject to compliance by the Parties in the same procedure as the Regulation.