Investors E5
5% 1 level
2% 2 level
3% 2 level
7% 1 level

Partnership program for clients

On each deposit
1 level 5%
2% 2 level

This section describes the meaning of our decision oriented on receiving of additional income. If the client want to earn really good profits and he feel he can promote investment program of a company, our offer related to referral program, will be perfect complement to those investment opportunities which we are provide.

Structure of the partnership program suggests - 2 types, each of them provides certain additional earnings opportunities. The first type of partnership program is designed to democratize as much as possible the process of receiving a referral reward and is available to all customers of the company, without exception, even if the client doesn’t have deposit.

According to the conditions of partnership program, the first type of partnership program is “Investor partnership program”, it offers following conditions of receiving the referral reward:

1-Level provides 5% of the deposit made by your referral the first level;
2-Level provides 2% of the deposit made by your referral the second level;

Partnership program for representatives

Should have 1000 $ personal deposit
1 level 7%
3% 2 level
to have reprsentative status Contact our support

The second type of the partnership program, “Representative partnership program” also provides 2 level referral structure with increased rewards for the deposits which your referrals made:

1-Level provides 7% of the deposit made by your referral the first level;
2-Level provides 3% of the deposit made by your referral the second level;

Representative status is assigned to the investor if the following conditions are performed:

  • Personal active deposits on the total sum of 1000$;
  • Knowledge of activities of the company;
  • Ability to explain and teach new investors how to cooperate with company and how to earn money in the company, if it’s needed.

If you complete all these conditions please contact our support with a convenient way for you, and make a request for representative status. If you are sending this request thru e-mail, please clarify in the letter you registration e-mail or login.

Your request will be processed during 24 hours, and answer will be sent to your e-mail. And your status in personal account will changed to Representative.

All changes of amount of referral reward will be processed automatically after your status in the personal account will be change. And you will receive increased amount of referral reward from the future deposits of your referrals.

Partnership and Bonus programm for the leaders.
Structure volume

Structure Volume:
Edelweiss 5 company offers multilevel partnership program up to 10 levels in deep to the clients who are ready to build its own structure and promote our company. For those purposes by our marketers was developed the partnership and bonus program. Depending on the Structure volume you can achieve huge money bonuses, even cars Mercedes A class and S class model 2016, increase your structure volume and achieve Status to open a new referral levels up to 10 deep, and even open the office in your city which will be opened at the expense of the Company in amount of 2500 USD. The volume of the structure will be calculated for each client personally by the formula below. Achieve new possibilities with Edelweiss 5 today!

The formula for calculating the volume of personal structure

  • Amount - amount of the deposit
  • lvlD - level that hosts the deposit
  • SV - the value of the volume of the structure from the particular deposit

Example of calculating value of the Structure volume:

Jhon has invited Sarah to the Company, Sarah has invited Lia, Lia has invited the person who made a deposit of $ 100 000. The volume of Jhon's structure, from the deposit which was made by Lia's referral, will be increased by the forumula: $100 000 / 3 = 33 333

$33 333 - the volume of the Jhon's structure will be increased on this amount, that will allow him to move to the next status and open new levels of the partnership program and obtain imressive money bonuses.