08/04/2016 08:25

Maintenance work on improvement of service

Dear friends!Tonight we have implemented the planned work on changing the server of our site. The new server will allow us to smooth operation of the whole system, as well as the introduction of new functions for our customers. In connection with the work may be temporary delays in processing requests for withdrawal. But please do not worry, very soon, all work will be completed.

08/03/2016 13:27

Hot July: the Winners of the competition

Finally got to the our office the remaining Winners of the competition Hot July! Dear friends, we wish to present the last lucky ones received from us MacBook Air 13. Congratulations to all and follow the further competitions of our company!

07/31/2016 21:54

Mauritius: jackpot for businessmen

Attention! Unprecedented action !!!Our company provides all customers the opportunity to win a ticket to the five-star hotel for two to Mauritius. Do not miss your chance to visit the beautiful island of Mauritius. This star of the Indian Ocean, the emerald island, where there is everything necessary for the most amazing holiday. Also it is a great opportunity to acquire new partners there. To do this, you need to make the volume of the structure is 200 000 $ during August and September this year. The trip provided in October, which means that you have a whole two months in order to win the grand prize!

07/31/2016 21:51

Prizes and bonuses are waiting for you!

Starting a new campaign from our company with numerous prizes and bonuses depending on the volume of the structure.So, from 1 to 31 August, all users, which will bring: a) the volume of structure in the amount of $ 10 000 receive an additional deposit of $ 200. b) the amount of structure in the amount of $ 20 000 receive an additional deposit of $ 400 c) the amount of structure in the amount of $ 30 000 receive an additional deposit of $ 600 d) the volume of structure of 50 000 $ receive a brand new mobile phone Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. All winners must subscribe in social networks on their achievements and on receiving prizes and bonuses from our company. It is important to know that the previously acquired volume in this action is not counted. Only the size of the structure, earned during August.

07/30/2016 12:05

The completion of maintenance work

Dear friends!We are glad to report that all of the work to improve the service completed! Also new features were introduced. Now our customers have the opportunity to cancel the automatic withdrawal. From now you should see a new output function the column changes in your personal account. After that, the accrued interest will be sent to Cabinet balance and you yourself will decide when to withdraw your money.

07/30/2016 10:10

Technical work on improvement of our service

Dear friends.Please be informed that for some users it is possible  to be a temporary problem with charges. Now our specialists carry out technical work on our server to improve the operation of the service and adding new features on the website and therefore there can be problems. But please do not worry. Very soon accrual go its course and all get the missing percentages.Sincerely, Administration 

07/30/2016 09:00

Hot July: the winners of the competition!

Dear friends! We wish to present our winners, which got the promised prize MacBook Air 13. If you remember, earlier this month we announced a competition, the winners of which could become a simple investors whose structure will bring the first investment of $ 100 000. And now it It happened. Here you can witness all the active partners, who have managed with the task faster than anyone. We congratulate all the winners and remind you that we will have a lot of competition and you need to just follow up our news and participate in them. See all photos of the winners on our Facebook page.

07/28/2016 00:00

Important information for all our users!

Dear users.For security purposes, with July 27, 2016 is disabled self-change of your purses. If you have a need to change your billing information, you should contact our support team by providing all the data on your account, the reason for change purses as well as new billing information in your account.

07/15/2016 19:29

Due to numerous requests of our investors, we have connected the new billing system BTC (Bitcoin)

We wish to announce the good news! Due to numerous requests of our investors, we have connected the new billing system BTC (Bitcoin). Now you have the opportunity to participate in our project, using this system of payment.

07/14/2016 11:17

Opening an office 07.07.2016