09/13/2016 21:25

Attention! A grand event!

September 20 at 18.00 will take place a great presentation of the company Edelweiss5 in Kazakhstan. Representative of the presentation will perform our best speaker of Ukraine Mikhail Gaynaly, who will introduce you the past way of the company and plans for the coming year. You'll find the answers to all the questions and just spend a very good time surrounded by very nice people.  The event will take place in Sanzhak restaurant, which is located at the address: Shymkent, st. Ardybekova 26. All are welcome to participate in the solemn and festive event of our company.  Administrator contact phone: 77020591077 (Nasib).

09/09/2016 15:40

The opening of office in Lviv

Dear friends! We invite you to the official opening of the representative office of Edelweiss 5 company in Lviv. The new office will more effectively communicate with partners of the company, to respond quickly to customers' requests, and ensure a high level of information and technical support.  See you tomorrow, September 10 at 12.00 at the address: Lviv, Kleparovskogo str. 5/1.  We will be glad to your presence.

09/01/2016 18:23

The opening of our office in Antalya

Dear friends! As promised, took place the opening of our office in Antalya. The office is located at Balbey Mah. 1405 street M. Ali Gonen business 4/34, Antalya. We invite everyone to visit our first office in Turkey and meet our representatives, who will gladly answer all your questions and help you in all matters. Waiting for you!

08/26/2016 20:01

Opening an office in Kharkov: photo report

We present your attention photo report of the opening of our office in Kharkov, which was held on August 23, in the business center PARALLEL 50. The evening was solemn and festive as we were surrounded by friends and partners. As usual were scheduled meetings, refreshments and birthday cake! Thanks to all who were present at our celebration.

08/22/2016 21:43

Opening an office in Kharkov

We are glad to announce the opening of our new office in Kharkov. We invite you to share with us this significant event. So, on August 23 at 18:00 waiting for you at the address: Kharkov, street Ivanov 7/9, business center PARALLEL 50. You can also contact our representative by phone 380 661 096 942 (Elena).

08/16/2016 21:55

The Grand opening of our office in Chernivtsi

There was the grand opening of our new office in Chernivtsi: significant event surrounded by our friends and acquaintances. The evening was accompanied by a pleasant meeting with our representatives, delicious refreshments, and indeed, we offer a look at the photo report of the event and enjoy the sense of celebration with us.

08/10/2016 16:00

The first presentation of Edelweiss 5 in Antalya

Dear Friends! It is happened what we've been waiting for! The first presentation of Edelweiss 5 in Antalya: outstanding event for our company. This activity means not just a presentation of our company, but also the opening of an office in the center of Antalya, which will take place very soon. Of course, we will inform about it in advance. In the meantime, see the photo report From the event.

08/06/2016 15:30

We have connected the new billing system Okpay (

We wish to announce the good news! Due to numerous requests of our investors, we have connected the new billing system Okpay ( Now you have the opportunity to participate in our project, using this system of payment.

08/06/2016 13:13

Opening an office in Chernivtsi

Dear friends!August 12 at 13.00 will take place opening of an office in Chernivtsi. We invite everyone to attend the event at the following address: Ukraine, Chernivtsi, str. Russian 1A, 206. You are waiting for the presentation of the company's office, reception and meeting with our representatives. Do not miss to be at the center of important event. Phone numbers of the new office: +380978619266, 380995598186. We will be glad to your presence.

08/04/2016 09:55

Completion of maintenance work

Please be informed that work on changing the server have been completed and have restored regular mode of the website.