12/23/2016 21:03

On our site was added Portuguese

Dear friends! Due to the large inflow of investors who speak this beautiful language on our site was added Portuguese. Currently, the Portuguese language is spoken by over 200 million. People in different countries of Europe, Africa, South America and Asia. Now the largest population speaking it, that ranked sixth in the world. It is the official language of eight countries on four continents of the globe, and working language of the twelve international organizations. By switching the site on Portuguese, you can attach to the partnership of friends from the rest of the third world, including South and Latin America. Thanks to our qualified personnel website has already been translated and is fully functional in Portuguese.

12/20/2016 11:25

Company presentation in Antalya

Dear friends! We invite everyone to a big event in Turkey, one of the biggest "pearl" of the Mediterranean coast - Antalya. In one of the most famous and popular resort towns which is also known as the Turkish Riviera, will host a big company presentation Edelweiss5. You will be a colorful event where you can meet and talk with company leaders. The presentation program will discuss the implementation of new markets, the Company's plans for the next year and a lot of other interesting things our earnings with you. The event will be held December 23, 2016 at 20:00 at Hotel Rixos Downtown Antalya: Konyaaltı Sahili, Sakıp Sabancı Blv No: 18, 07050 Konyaaltı / Muratpaşa / Antalya, Turkey. Telephone company representative number: +90 (544) 696-01-66.

12/19/2016 06:00

The work of our company in the New Year's holidays

Dear friends! Are close the most wonderful and long-awaited holidays - Christmas and New Year! This is the time when everyone is looking forward to New Year's gifts, execution most cherished desires. In cities and countries all over the world come Christmas Spirit. Santa Claus begin to take to the streets everywhere, and everywhere you can see the the approach of holiday - on the glowing trees in garlands, in shop windows, churches, everywhere. During this remarkable period in the calendar provided little rest from work. This is an excellent opportunity to recuperate, to be fed with new energy and enthusiasm to get back to work. We also can not take advantage of such a great period for rest and 21st December 2016 to 10th January 2017 Company Edelweiss 5 goes to the planned vacation. During this time, the accrual on all deposits will be made of 0.5% on the day. Withdrawals will be resumed immediately after the holidays. However, the referral commission will be paid in a regular mode. Company Customer Service will work only on weekdays from 10 am to 5 pm (GMT + 1). We congratulate you on the upcoming holidays. We wish you prosperity and welfare, the successful development and professional growth in the coming 2017.

12/16/2016 19:51

All invited to the presentation of our company!

Ladies and gentlemen!! We invite you to participate at the presentation of the company in Diyarbakir -One of the largest cities in the south-east of Turkey, the administrative capital of the province of Diyarbakir. We hope that the rich information and entertainment program and friendly atmosphere will allow you to take your time, communicate with partners, employees and investors in a relaxed atmosphere. The presentation takes place on December 19th at 19:00 at the Prestige Hotel at Yenişehir, Ekinciler Caddesi, Diyarbakır. Telephone Administrator to communicate +905352191415 Turgay Eza. We will be glad to see you among the guests of the presentation.

11/30/2016 14:45

Company presentation in Konya, Turkey

Dear friends! We are pleased to invite everyone to a big event in Turkey. In one of the oldest cities in the world and the largest religious centers of Turkey, in the city of Konya will host a big company presentation Edelweiss5. Our experts will tell you how to properly invest in alternative energy, which the market, unlike coal, oil and gas, is growing every year. The evening is planned at Hotel Bera Konya Hotel, located at the address: Küçük İhsaniye Mah. Doktor M. Hulusi Baybal Caddesi No: 9 Selçuklu Konya city on December 5th at 19:00. Do not miss your chance to multiply your finances with us! Tel. to communicate with the presentation of the organizer: +905386714597 (Ismail).

11/24/2016 19:08


Electronic Funds Transfer provides a high level of safety of the transactions, as evidenced time and many years of experience in the functioning of financial services to the wound. For convenience of using Wire Transfer we connected a new account in Russian currency. Now you can transfer money to the company account from your ruble accounts.

11/22/2016 15:21

Our site in Italian

Dear friends! In response to the increased interest of investors and partners from Italy, we decided to give them the opportunity to enjoy all our services in their native language. Due to our qualified personnel, our website has already been translated and fully functioning on one of the most beautiful and melodic languages in the world.

11/17/2016 10:52

Representative in Pskov

Dear friends!  Occurred event, which have been waiting for us, and our many clients from Russia. We opened our first office in one of the main historical pearls of Russia - Pskov, a city that borders both with three foreign countries - Estonia, Latvia and Belarus. We invite everyone to visit our office where our staff will be happy to answer all your questions and help you in all matters. We are waiting for you at Pskov, st. Jan Fabricius 25. Tel. representation number: +7 (90) 622-205-65

11/09/2016 21:04

Win a trip to Egypt !!

Dear Sirs, We are announcing the promotion! The winners will get a five star hotel rest and everything that Egypt is famous for - the sun, hot sand, the Red Sea, the pyramids and the mysterious Sphinx. To participate in the promotion, make a turnover in the amount of 20 000 $ from 10 to 30 November. Do not miss the chance to spend unforgettable days in Egypt and meet with leaders!

11/08/2016 17:06

Company presentation in Lviv

We invite you to Edelweiss 5 presentation in the city of Lviv, which will take place this Friday, November 11th at 16:00 in the hotel Galickaya Korona, located at: Ukraine, Lviv region., Pustomyty district., P. Davydov, St. Bandera str, 86a Hotel and entertainment complex "Galickaya Korona". We have prepared for you a nice evening with prizes, a buffet table. You will get valuable information about how reliable and easy to invest in green energy by 0.5% per day. It is also will be held rewarding the lucky, which fulfilled the conditions of the October campaign. Between participants, who will make a deposit in the amount of $ 100 the day of the event, will be a chance to win the newest iPhone 7. Don't miss your chance!