05/25/2017 14:26

Our project is 1 year old !!! An unique opportunity to get 1.5%

Dear customers and partners !! Our project is 1 year old !!! For a year we have become more stable, more reliable. During this time we have assembled a team of professionals and gained invaluable experience. Of course, 1 year is a grain of sand in the ocean of time, but for us these 12 months were saturated, full of difficulties and successes. On the one hand, this is a very short period for us, during which it is difficult to realize our full potential, but on the other hand this year we have grown stronger, got on our feet, proved to everyone that we are not a "one-day" company and you can deal  with us. Taking this opportunity, we would like to thank all our partners for their productive cooperation and support to those who believed us and was not afraid of cooperation with a young company. We are confident in further fruitful cooperation with existing and new partners and this positive wave we provide to all our new investors a unique opportunity to gain a record 1.5 percent of the daily profit !!! Making a deposit in these coming days, you can increase your profits almost twice !!! Do not miss your safe chance ! Thank you for choosing us. We hope for further mutually beneficial cooperation!

04/30/2017 11:12

Schedule of the company in the May holidays

Dear friends! Approaching the long-awaited May Day celebrations. May 1 - International Workers' Day, which symbolizes the beginning of spring, courage and faithfulness to lofty moral ideals. Today this holiday is celebrated in 142 countries and territories of the world. In most states, it is bright spring holiday when organized folk festivals, performances, fairs, peaceful demonstrations and a variety of entertainment events. For example, in Germany, set a huge May tree. The French give their friends and family a sprig of lily of the valley and keep it until the next holiday happiness. May Day - a holiday with street festivities and parades, which is celebrated in England. We wish you a wonderful mood and a great holiday! Let the spring give you a charge of inexhaustible energy, and inspire you to new things! We congratulate everyone on spring holidays and inform you that from May 1 to 10 the company also rests: all deposits will be charged 0.5% per day, and the withdrawal of funds will be resumed after the holidays. Referral commissions from new deposits will be paid automatically. happy Spring and Labour Day!!

04/15/2017 20:35

Happy Easter!

Dear friends! The Great Easter is the oldest and most important Christian holiday, which unites close and dear people around higher meanings and a festive table. In very rare cases, the dates for the celebration of Catholic and Orthodox Easter coincide. But in 2017 it will happen and both Christian doctrines will celebrate this holiday on the same day - April 16. Since the holiday falls on the day off, in many countries on April 17 is allocated an additional day of rest. On this day, our Company also rests and accruals for all deposits will be carried out 0.5% per day. Congratulations on a bright holiday! Let every day your house is filled with comfort, warmth, happiness, well-being. Give each other attention and care, love and faithfulness. Happy Easter!

04/11/2017 21:54

Important changes in the partner program

Dear users and partners !! The dynamics of the development of the company "Edelweiss5" and compliance with modern standards entail a logical improvement of the terms of the partnership program. The best marketers with the views of our investors developed a new and unique marketing plan.  The main achievement of it was a balanced system of bonus payments for achievements in attracting new partners, development of the structure up to 7 levels in depth and even for turnover of the levels located below. A detailed description will soon appear on our website, which we will notify you in addition. We apologize for any inconvenience and delay during the implementation of the new partner program. In this positive wave, we give all our investors 0.98 percent of daily profit. We are confident that the updated conditions will open new prospects and guarantee continued cooperation and mutual success!

04/11/2017 19:24

Fluctuations in the exchange rate of bitcoins

Dear users and partners! On the stock exchanges, the rate of bitcoin is changing as well as any other asset. However, there are many important factors that can significantly change the rate of Crypto-currency. Due to sharp fluctuations in the exchange rate at bitcoins, there may be temporary delays in Bitcoin payments. We apologize for the inconvenience and suggest follow up on the numerous informational sites cryptocurrency.

03/15/2017 19:19

Results of the conference of Edelweiss 5 in Kazakhstan

Dear friends! A business conference of Edelweiss5 was held in one of the largest centers of Kazakhstan - Shymkent. The event was devoted to topical issues of renewable energy sources, increasing the growth rate of the efficiency of alternative energy in Kazakhstan and financing projects for the development of alternative energy of the future. Thanks to the openness and friendly atmosphere of the event, all the speakers and guests willingly shared their experiences, entered discussions and shared their views on alternative energy. Already, we can talk about increasing the interest of investors, including foreign ones, to the projects of Renewable Energy Sources in Kazakhstan. In addition, each participant of the conference had the opportunity to get to know each other and talk with representatives of the company who advised all guests during the whole conference day. Traditionally, the company played prizes among visitors, the main one being the newest iPhone 7. We are pleased to announce that we have passed another stage of development of the regional network of Edelweiss 5 in Kazakhstan - we have opened a new office in order to increase the availability of our services. This step confirms once again the stability of the company and proves the ability to achieve the most ambitious goals of long-term development. We will be glad to see you at the address: Shymkent, Kunayev Boulevard 21, BC "Altyn Orda" office 316. Tel. Number: +7 (778) 222-22-12 +7; (707) 422-22-12. We thank all the guests and visitors of the event for their active participation and present to your attention the photo report from this event. Enjoy the sensations of the event together with us !!!

03/11/2017 20:29

Alternative energy: results and prospects of the summit in Kiev

It happened that we waited for a long time. At the international scientific and financial summit in Kiev took place the meeting of the leaders of the company. As promised, it was massive and bright event. In general, at the summit, everyone was optimistic. The company's speakers noted the importance of continuing work to improve energy efficiency, which, in their opinion, still has a very powerful potential, and the company's leaders noted that Edelweiss5 will continue to make efforts to further develop alternative energy and replace fossil fuels with renewable energy sources in order to diversify supplies Energy resources, which is one of the priorities in the energy sector. After the official part of the event, everyone waited for a unique evening: a show program from the "Para normalnykh" musical band, a buffet table, photo shoot, and informal communication with our representatives. We present to your attention the photo report and thanks to everyone who attended!

03/07/2017 19:11

Congratulations, lovely women!!

March 8 is a holiday of love and admiration for women, the most beautiful creatures on earth. It is exactly what we imagine it - the spring holiday of joy and gratitude to women for what they are, for the fact that we love them and on this day we wish our loved ones and only happiness, joy and prosperity! International Women's Day is usually celebrated in many countries, and that this holiday is also a public holiday. Many employers are in solidarity with such a system and try to release employees from work even earlier, so that they have time to prepare for the holiday. Do not stay away from the festive fuss and the staff of Edelweiss5, who will also try this holiday, to show their attention, care and affection to all their beloved women: dear mother, caring grandmother, loving wife, sweet sister and adorable daughter. It's an excellent occasion to organize a real celebration for your beloved ones and return to work with great enthusiasm. On March 8 we rest: all deposits will be charged 0.5% per day, and the withdrawal of funds will be resumed immediately after the holiday. Edelweiss5 joins all congratulations and reminds that International Women's Day is a holiday with a feminine gentle name. Therefore, the main thing - give your attention and love. And flowers and gifts are only an addition to your feelings.

03/03/2017 13:44

Business conference of the company Edelweiss5 in Kazakhstan

Ladies and gentlemen! We invite you to the thematic business conference of the company Edelweiss5 in one of the largest industrial, commercial and cultural centers of Kazakhstan - Shymkent! Kazakhstan's potential in renewable wind energy, despite rich natural resources, is very large. Top leaders, industry experts, academics and investors of various countries will meet to discuss the following main topics: the analysis and assessment of the state of the market of renewable energy sources, the use and investment of renewable and clean technologies addressing critical energy challenges due to global climate change. This is an important open and fruitful dialogue space on the development of alternative energy. The program provides for the performances of one of the leaders of the Company Andrey Sus devoted to current issues of the Company's activities and prospects of its development, as well as the other representatives of the Company in Kazakhstan Nurlybek Mirmanovich and Sabit Dyusebaev. Together with us you can spend a pleasant informative evening with a buffet table and take part in raffles of deposits and new iPhone7. You are welcome on March 11th, 2017 in Shymkent, Kazakhstan, the hotel «Rixos Khadisha Shymkent», Zheltoksan Street 17. Beginning at 18.00. Phone placeholders: +87053606960. We will be glad to see you! Admission is free!

03/01/2017 20:28

We prolong campaign on the drawing of valuable prizes!!!

Dear friends! According to your numerous requests we prolong campaign on the drawing of valuable prizes. The campaign of our company, giving the chance to win a super-modern iPhone 7 or powerful, reliable and easy to use Macbook Air, has caused an unprecedented agiotage. Wishing to become the happy owner of our prize was more than we expected. Therefore, we have decided to extend the campaign for a month. So, to take part in the campaign is necessary from 1st to 31th March make an increase in the volume of the structure in the amount of 40 000 $ and you are guaranteed to become a proud owner of iPhone 7. In the case of the gain in the amount of 50 000 $, you will get a gift Macbook Air . Be the first. Attention! Achievements will not be considered for the previous months.