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General questions

  • How to register on the website of the Company?
    • To register on the website edelweiss5.com, please click on the button Sign in/Sign up and fill in all requierd forms in the registration form. Or use registration via social networks. Registration process is very simple and fast.

  • Why do i need your website?
    • Edelweiss5.com website was created to familiarize investors with our activities, for some consultations of general and technical organization of the investment process and financial transactions, to provide technical support and relevant information to our investors and for providing other related majorinformation about its functions, for improving and facilitating the process of cooperation with us.

  • Can i register more than one account?
    • Theoretically, such a possibility exists. But only on the condition that you will not use all of these accounts in the investment process. Have an active deposit or deposits is allowed only on one account, and this account is called "active". He will remain "active" even if the validity of all deposits created with this account has expired.

      Therefore we recommend not to create more than one account in the program, as in the case of revealing the fact you use more than one active account, the use of and access to all your accounts will be suspended.

  • I didn't find answer on my question, what should i do?
    • There are several ways to have advice, help or support from us! Use any of the options provided by the company at any time, but take attention to the work schedule of support service. Our phone support is available from 9:00 am GMT until 5:00 pm GMT, our online consultant on the website is 24 hours. We are happy to answer any of your questions and help you as soon as possible to understand any difficult situation.

Investment and accruals

  • What investment offer company provides?
    • We offer for all investors one investment plan. You can find out more information about it by reading the "Investors" section.

  • What is minimum amount to invest?
    • 50$

  • What is maximum amount to invest?
    • Since we do not limit the number of deposits made by the client, thus there is no limit on the maximum possible amount of a single investment as well as for total amount of investments.

  • What payment methods can i use?
    • Currently the company offers to carry out the investment using the following electronic payment systems:

         Perfect Money (www.perfectmoney.is);     

         PAYEER (www.payeer.com);         

         Bitcoin (www.blockchain.info).   

         AdvCash (www.advcash.com)

  • What if I do not have an account and a purse in any of the electronic payment system, through which the company proposes to carry out the investment?
    • We recommend you to register account and create a purse at least in one of these electronic payment systems. If you need to exchange your funds, please use authorized online exchanges.

  • How to make a deposit?
    • If you are already registered, log on edelweiss5.com site using your e-mail and password. Then, in the section "Make investment" enter the amount you intend to invest, choose the deposit currency (electronic payment system) and click on "Invest". After that, you will be redirected to the electronic payment system site you have chosen. After payment  you will be redirected back to your account.

  • How long will take the activation of deposit?
    • During the process of investing using some electronic payment systems, may take some time to verify your order for payment on the part of the electronic payment system. In particular, such a feature have electronic payment systems PAYZA Inc. and Bitcoin. And then the activation of the deposit, for reasons not dependent on us, may take some time (up to 48 hours). As for the rest electronic payment systems, the activation of deposit is instantaneous.

  • Can i make an additional top-up to the existing deposit?
    • Since each of your investment may be accompanied by an appropriate conclusion of "Investing Agreement", then, accordingly, to make an additional top-up to the existing deposit is impossible. However, you can always make new deposit. And in this case, all charges, payments and statistics on deposits will be processed separately by the system.

  • How does income accrue?
    • Income from your investment is calculated and accrues automatically to your account balance and you will be able to withdraw them at the time, according to the regulations established by the Company.

  • Does interest income accrued daily?
    • Interest income accrues on working days fully, and fixed interest of 0.5% during weekends on all investments. More information you can find out in "Investors" section.

  • What is the process of making a profit for the company and investors?
    • The declared profit on our investment offer is the result of the actual operation of the company for the sale of the wind generator installations, solar-power panels, and the resulting revenue part of the working capital of the company, coming from the installation work, consulting, design and technical activities related to the development of systems working using renewable energy sources. More information about the process of making a profit and the general strategy of the company can be found in the sections "About" and "Investors".


Partnership program


  • Is it safe to use the site of the company?
    • Specialists in web security of our company developed and implemented a series of effective measures, making use of edelweiss5.com site completely safe from the point of view of safety of transmitted data, and from the point of view of anti-malware, including phishing. In addition, the most modern server does not allow affect the stable operation of the site of DDoS-attacks.

  • During registering, I provided my personal data. Is it safe to do so?
    • We guarantee the confidentiality of any provided information by you. Including personal data, payment information, name, E-mail and any other personal information. For more information on the conditions and performance of their obligations regarding the confidentiality of personal data provided by the investors to the company, you can find out by reading the "Privacy Policy" section.

Legal aspect

  • How to conclude the "Investing Agreement"?
    • Conclusion of the "Investing Agreement," will be possible after activation (placement) of the deposit, as a system for generating the "Investing Agreement" requires a unique identification number that is generated by the system when making the deposit investor.

      Click on "Submit deposit" fill "Investing Agreement" and send this data to support e-mail ([email protected]), attach the scanned copy of the passport or ID containing the passport\ID number, series, address and full name. After that, "Investing Agreement" will be available for download.

  • Where can I see the server time?
    • At the top right corner of any page of the website.

  • Do I have to pay taxes on earned money in a company?
    • We are an officially registered company and operates under strict German laws. At
      the same time, we can not have an impact on your decision and assure you that the money that we pay in interest charges on your deposits have been settled all tax, fiscal and license obligations in full. Besides, we do not disclose details of our interaction with any of our client. Therefore, the question of the payment of taxes is exclusively the prerogative of interpretation and the country of residence of each client legislation.

  • Is activities of the company Edelweiss 5 legal?
    • The company Edelweiss 5 received the state registration of the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG), but at the same time has the right to carry out commercial transactions around the world by providing financial statements on its activities in accordance with legal regulations of Germany's jurisdiction.
      More detail about the company you can find in the "About Us" and "Contact".



  • What is the schedule of the support service?
    • If you are using contact form to contact our support, then this option is available around the clock, seven days a week. Phone support is available from 9.00 to 17.00 GMT on weekdays, except Saturdays and Sundays.