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History of our Company

By active using privileges and simplified schemes of business managing, provided by government we start to promote ideas of alternative energy sources. We began from producing of low power horizontal type wind turbines for the small private businesses and farms, which are located far away from the major energy routes, in one year we grew up to the company level, with own intellectual technologies and international patents on inventions in aerodynamic technologies and composite materials. Such a fast growth of the company was caused by the huge demand for the wind turbine farms in the Germany and European Union countries with the constant growth of the tariffs on electricity and obvious global energy deficit. Considering substantial domestic and international financial support, provided for the development of this sector of economics, we had more and more orders of our product from a lot of EU countries.

Creation of the company was related to the final forming in the Germany of “Energy turn” conception, the essence of which is the gradual renunciation of energy produced by a atomic stations, and reaching the amount of energy produced by alternative energy sources to 60% from the total amount of consumed energy. Just then, in the 2011, when the Fukushima tragedy happened, all the world got in panic about atomic energy, we have made the decision to create small energy company, inspired by Federal Government’s decision to boost renunciation of a nuclear energy, and termination of all active atomic stations in the Germany until year 2022, as well as the provision of environmental and reliable energy supply of the country. We saw a chance to become one of the first, who will stand in the avant-garde of development and industrial application of the alternative energy sources, and help Germany to consolidate the position on the world stage of political and economic events. Our activity is regulated by the law of Federal Republic of Germany and supported by all the necessary government documents, the registration regulations, licenses and permits.

In particular, in Poland in 2013, using the law about the development of alternative energy sources, according to it 50% of all costs for installation of wind turbines or solar batteries is covered by the government, we were able to conclude contracts on the total sum of 42500000 euro, this gave an opportunity to invest into material and technical base of our company. And it is only one of the completed projects. Our work with corporate clients is always develops company continues its growth and development, which affects positively on the progress of technical solutions and the level of scientific potential of the company.

Marketing principles of company’s work consisted from the massive advertising, oriented on the corporate and private sectors. Also was conducted massive information campaign, during which to our potential consumers has been explained principal economic and environment advantages of using alternative energy sources. Our commercial agents have done a great job by searching our first clients, that brought its obvious and numerous benefits.

Thus we have earned a reputation and authority of huge producer of the high-tech equipment for the production of electricity from renewable energy resources. We have earned a reputation which subsequently worked on the company. Every new working day amount of our clients grew, and continues to grow today, each new working day we become more powerful company than yesterday, providing to our clients the newest technological products, displacing competitors and forming a new outlook on the environmental problems and their solutions. Today, the company has entered the international level, establishing a wind generator and solar thermal systems in the countries of the Persian Gulf, South Asia, South America and some other regions of the world. At the recent phase of cooperation some of the countries and regions we can’t to announce because of non-proliferation of such information in accordance with international contracts signed prior to full implementation.

Besides production of wind generator installations, in 2015, we have integrated our 1500 wind generators, located throughout the Germany, in the unified grid, which allowed us to make our contribution to the solution of a very serious question about the stability of the power generated per unit time. Because the value of consumption of electricity depends on the day time, as well as by regional consumer’s accommodation, it requires constant monitoring and methods of redistribution of power consumption, with aim of stabilize energy system in the current moment of the time. And we were able to contribute to the solution of this problem by creating a single system for monitoring the volumes produced by wind generators of energy. This achievement, along with a new source of revenue for the company, puts our company in the one row with leaders of the industry and allows making great plans for the future steps in the development and progress on the path of our company.

And one of these steps was creation of an internet resource, the purpose of which is to promote energy-saving technologies and attracting investments for development of hybrid energy-generating systems. Precisely at hybrid energy-generating systems we are seeing progress, potential and future of the alternative energy. Because use of hybrid systems can create conditions for production of electricity where its consumption and generating power will be stabilized regardless of the presence and action in this particular time of a particular renewable energy source.

Speaking in other words, if there is no wind, solar energy will be used, or if solar intensity reduces, or night has come the power of the wind will be used, or the energy which was accumulated in lithium-ion accumulators. This technology is capable to provide to the consumer energy in any case and any weather condition, with only use of the renewable energy sources. But for the realization of these systems, very complicated technologies are needed, multicomponent systems of intellectual control and monitoring and also high-tech systems of accumulating and saving of generated energy. Moreover, some of the components of this system exist only in single custom-made prototypes. And we are ready to create new and revolutionary systems, we are ready to help people with the problem of environmental pollution, by investing almost all funds, which are not engaged in company’s turnover, to realization of this perspective project. However, effort and money is currently is not enough.

We are developing several projects in different areas. Therefore it is required to consolidate the efforts of concerned and progressive people around the world to solve this challenge.

We offer everyone to join our program and project, to not only earn money, by using our production and economic potential in the real sector of economics, but also to contribute to the improvement of the ecological situation in the world! Together we can achieve desired results and overcome the technological barrier, which not allow us today to employ hybrid energy-generating technologies ubiquitously, because of their extremely high cost. Only really rich countries can afford these technologies today. And we want to change this unfair situation by providing to everyone modern way of the consumption and producing energy, and modern way o life in harmony with nature and environmental.

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How we are generating profit

Declared interest income is a result of actual work of the company on the sale of wind turbine generators, installations working on the solar power, also revenue part of the company’s turnover comes from the installation work, consulting, design and technical activities related to the development of systems that work with renewable energy.

Furthermore, service maintenance and sale of spare parts and components to the complexes is also a source of income, which is summed up in the distribution of profits between the clients of our company. Thus money of investors participates in the work of the company at all technological stages, constantly updating and complementing current assets of the company

Wind turbines

Vertical and Horizontal wind turbines

In the production of wind generators we are widely using composite materials, used also in aerospace technologies, in the production of generating blades (impeller) what reduces its weight and respectively breakloose, acceleration to operating speed, without sacrificing strength and durability.

Our wind turbines contain unique science technologies and differ from others by competitive price. Guaranteed lifetime of the support hubs and unsupported hubs on the neodymium magnets, ceramic bearings and composite impellers is 10 years in compliance with the procedural requirements of the conditions of maintenance and operation.

Tesla PowerWall

Introduction of technologies of tomorrow

Battery-inverter stations, which are an integral part of any wind generator system, assembled in accordance with the technical and regulatory-operational documentation, developed by our company directly for the conditions of operation of the wind turbine system that apply to our products. But there is one common trait that characterizes our products.

In the complete set of battery-inverter stations, we use batteries and systems of control and monitoring of battery cascades by Tesla Motors Company.

Electric power

Sale of electricity to large industrial facilities

Using of the renewable energy sources for the producing of electricity becomes more and more profitable and reliable business. Government support and comprehensive information support make this type of business very attractive and guaranteed profitable.

In spite of huge starting investments, which we are already made to the development of our company, we look to the future with confidence, because we are sure, that every cent which were invested will be guaranteed multiply. Because producing of energy with renewable energy sources in Germany covered by number of legislative acts about special tariff of electricity cost, which is called “Green tariff”.

Balanced, well thought and long-term system of “Green tariff” brought Germany to the worldwide leaders in the producing of renewable energy sources and number of installed complexes working on the energy of the sun and wind. Size and amount of accruals of the Green tariff can be various in accordance to type of generating station and amount of energy it produces, but for us there is main index, which remains constant.

“Green tariff” always higher that price of kilowatt-hour of electricity produced in any traditional way of producing of electricity. Green tariff must be considered as a real economic and political mechanism designed for attraction of investment in technologies of using of renewable energy sources. And we use this privileges given us by government for the maximum to extend our business.